Mumbai 01/04/17

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               By the time this post gets completed it would be just an hour or two before racetime,anyways hope it helps those who could read it


Multigory:won maiden race in his second start and has won class class 4,class 3 and class 53-79 races subsequently,the last two start winner has hit sublime form and is the one to watch out for

Jeanine:A first start winner over 5f to clear maidens has subsequently won class 3 and class 2,pune has been a better hunting ground.

Pugnacious:Has age on his side and so are the weights tilted in his favour,on class is a maiden winner,class 4 winner and class 3 winner,hence is the one to beat

During the fag end of the season horses who are in form can hope to do much better and with that logic I feel Multiglory should have a big say in the opener

Race 3:

Forest Fire:A maiden,having second start in class V over extended trip with a + switch in jockey,keep an eye,fair record in class IV

Sheer Belief:Another maiden horse but not doing we…

Mumbai Sunday Short Selections 26/03/17 (No Comments)

1-5 Kitty Hawk

2-4 Carbonora

3-7 Oscillation

4-3 Magical Memory

6-1 Colombiana

7-7 Fortitude

8-1 Jimbo

Day's Best:Magical Memory 

Have a nice day,gamble responsibly

Mumbai-Short selections 225/03/17

1-1 Isinit appeals due to its third in upper class on 2nd oct and also the fact that this is a d-2 race,challengers are Milwalkee and Headlines for obvious reasons.

2-1 Frosty appeals on sheer class and age factor going for it,tricky race otherwise if the penalty it incurred on Golconda Oaks go against it.

3-3 Elegant Beauty has the class hierarchy going for it and it would be a surprise if it doesnt fare well in the third of the day.

4-6 Viking seems to be the value choice in what should be an open race with Spiridon and Dolphin as possible contenders.

6-3 Brabourne has to contend with the well bred debutante in Arabian Storm to claim the prize here,Zanzibar is the dark un

7-2 Arctic Whizz the demotee if it could carry weights is a top contender here,pretty much a tricky affair otherwise

8-1 Maduro being a maiden class winner and higher class runner in both Bombay and a million runner in B'lore appeals as a top contender to close the day,Airlift and Lady in Red are possible detractors


Mumbai Thursday 14/03/2017

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          So Mumbai racing season has reached a stage where there is nothing much to look forward to with the majority of Black Type races in the burner and a few handicap races to keep the Interest going,my last post was more of a guide rather than a tipping thing which I used to do,On that note would try to do the same again with comments for every horse,followed by personal preferences.

Race 1

Uncle Scrooge:Class V win to clear maidens followed by a class IV win,the trip is a big? as horse is cutting down a lot in trip,difficult.

Cezzane:Old in tooth,have always done well over 5 furlongs,not in the hunt here

Chizzler:2/2 so far in its career,Same class winner yet on the improving curve,keep an eye

Bounty Queen:Maiden class winner,Lower Class Winner and Same Class winner,last run was bad but has been a surpriser sort in its career

Merabella:Debut winner in class IV and later won class III,has not climbed the handicap latter since then,outside chance

Wind Craft:If age is a cri…

MUMBAI 12/03/17

Race 1 
Red fort-same class winner,last start was horrible but so is the set here 
Ritz-decent performer with respect to the set here it takes on,keep an eye 
 Roman Gold-Youngster and going over the trip for the first time,Dam is a winner over this trip and is the joker in the pack 
Black jaguar-another horse who is jumping big in distance,Lagad known for such tactics but somehow this horse doesn't inspire wild confidence 
Star scholar-young,decent runs when compared to this set and a huge switch in jockey,positive vibes on this horse 
Close call as the field is small and we have only one winner in the field,as I said star scholar has the intent going for it and then there is roman gold who has the bloodlines to upset
Second race 
Brynhill-same class winner  Brahmachari-class 2 winner,sprinters cup runner but ratings went from 85 to 100+ due to third in a Terms race,now below 100 in a long time,has a chance  Supreme regime-aged chennai return  Deep diver-class 2 winner,earlier r…


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           Here are my views for day 2 of the invitation weekend which features the Big one THE INDIAN TURF INVITATION CUP (GRADE I)

Race 1:A race for 3yo maidens to open the day,Aaron The Baron/Cantabria/Minniver Rose/Queen Latifa/Sheer Magic being my shortlisted contenders,Queen Latifa had a decent debut and with that run under her belt should do well in the opener of the day.

My Choice:#12 Queen Latifa Win 

Race 2:A class IV race over an absorbing trip of 1800mts and to be frank this race is quite open with both the URBB horses in the hunt,the choice of jockey on Chloe should not be a dampener as i feel it can do well over this trip,also Jersey Beauty after a good lung opener has a change in jockey and is the prime contender here,Flirting Eyes is another horse with some good chance to clear its maiden ranks,a tough call to make but I'm going with a yard that is firing all season in Jersey Beauty.

My Choice:#4 Jersey Beauty Win 

Race 3:A Multi Million for horses in thei…

Invitation Weekend Day-1

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        It is a late post and i hope by the time i complete it it isnt too late to post,day 1 features THE Dr.MAM RAMASWAMY MEMORIAL STAYERS CUP and THE MYSORE RACE CLUB SPRINTERS CUP both Gr.1 races in what is akin to the Breeders cup in India..... Here are some thoughts about the feature and the undercard in what promises to be a day of some good racing

Race 1:A class IV affair to start the day that too for the older horses,D'Accord is a failed fav at  bombay class 4 last time out and is the highest rated amongst the maiden horses in the fray and should be respected in the opener of the day.Amazing Desire although is one of the oldest horses in the fray is a winner of the erstwhile class II and now class I race 3 years ago and the horse has showed some spark in its last few runs and with a change in jockey should not be discarded here,Hurrah is one more contender as it won a class V race at Mysore and has had a call in the upper class in his last start and now with …