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Pune Sunday 26/10/14 Analysis and Selections

Hello Friends, 
                    When I posted my analysis for yesterday,I said it would be too laborious to go through the whole card but would however post analysis for the entire card today,however I won't be able to post for all ten races today too,I have again picked some races and have done my bit of analysis. 

RACE 2:For Class III horses over a Mile 

This race is pretty interesting as it has two horses,3 yo in the fray. An Jolie has already run in this class as a favourite,where it went down to Mine Forever after rather a late surge in the home-straight. Now over this extended trip should fancy its chances. 

The other 3 yo in the fray is a last start maiden winner Frankanella,has the top jockey in the saddle and at low weights is the top contender in this race 

Having said that there are two other horses in Glorious Opinion and Sansani may pose a minor threat,afterall the last named horse had a rather start to finish mission against the too-good Congressional,now over this trip can hope to do well and is my personal fancy 

My Choice:#3 Sansani Win 

Race 4:For maiden 3 yo only over 1000 mts 

SWEET AS HONEY has possibly been the most consistent horse coming into this race,has ran well over this same trip on her debut,now cutting down in trip has chances of doing well 

Joleene is also known to have that sparkling early speed and against this opposition it might prove to be handy,has been running some good and bad races,as regards to this field has a decent chance 

Also Millenium Falcon is now having its second life time start,is bound to improve. Keep an eye 

Rising Wave has had a very good race earlier on this season where it was concerned in a tight finish,now with change in saddle support and a single track spurt to go by,has a decent chance to clear its maiden ranks here,my personal fancy 

My Choice:#7 Rising Wave Win 

Race 6:A terms race for 2 yo only over 1000 mts 

This race will witness two freshmen sires of the leading farms having their first runner in Captain Courage and Polished Chrome 

Golden Belle has had only one track spurt,but that alone is enough to term it as a contender in this race,this horse with Sandesh in the saddle seems to be the top contender 

Captain Courage comes from the top yard,is now ridden by a jockey who doesn't have a whip,has a decent chance although if one goes by the preperation 

Then there is Jeena and Spirited Touch who both seem to be prepared well too 

But however,Polished Chrome is the horse they all have to be wary of here,he has been prepared extensively well and is my pick for this race

My Choice:#8 Polished Chrome Win

Race 8:A terms race for 3 yo over 1400 mts 

True that both Top Trainer and Dramarama were impressive while winning their respective debut races 

True that Top Trainer has been prepared well for a good-show again and with Sandesh on the saddle,chances look even more worth it 

However when you have a horse who has finished third to Bold Majesty in a classic and comes from a top yard,also been given two good track spurts,with a jockey who is winning oflate for this trainer and conceding weight is its only minus if any 

Hopefully all these scenarios put together has made me opt for Your Royal Majesty 

My Choice:#2 Your Royal Majesty Win 

Race 9:Class IV race over 2000 mts 

Some good 3 yo horses are here in Spades,J├Ąger Bomb,Eleheh

Elaheh has gone the distance before,is now well placed in handicap with a switch in saddle support,is the top contender for this race 

Spades was a failed fancied runner earlier on in the season before finished fourth to Speed King,now it may like the distance switch and has it in him to do well 

However my fancy is more tilted towards the 5 yo Oxbridge who is chasing victory but quite not able to achieve it,may be its record suggest that its best trip is 2000 mts and now in this kind of field it stands a very good chance and is my personal fancy. 

My Choice:#3 Oxbridge Win 

Have a nice day,gamble responsibly 


1)Sansani Win 1000 
2)Rising Wave win 1500 
3)Polished Chrome win 1000 
4)Your Royal Majesty win 3500 
5)Oxbridge Win 1000 

NOTE:The Investment Plan is for the authors self Assesment only and is not a recommendation of any sort

Pune Saturday 25/10/14 Analysis and Selections

Hello friends, 
                    It would be too laborious and time consuming to go through all the ten races today,so I have picked only a few races and done a bit of analysis. However,will do a complete round up for Sundays races. 

RACE 3:A race for 3 yo maidens over 1200 mts 

This race seems pretty competitive,Sail Past was my choice when it ran its last two starts,last start was unlucky and before that found Praelector too good,now in this company with this jockey aboard is a threat to all 

However with horses in the likes of Spanish Saga,Shivalik Eyes etc,this race wears a very open look 

Ensign is prepared very well and one has to go by the preperations alone,then this horse is the one,has a decent jockey aboard too 

Gascony is a rather interesting candidate,hasn't done anything wrong,has two major positives which is after its first run which can be termed as 'educative' is bound for second lifetime start inprovement and has a positive switch in jockey support 

To add it it,its last track spurt shows it has plenty of speed,and its breeding has thrown out two decent handicappers,thus I feel this horse stands a fairly decent chance in pulling this off and is my personal fancy 

My Choice:#8 Gascony Win 

RACE 4:For 3 yo maidens only over 2000 mts 

Except for Cumbrie Vieja,no horse has gone this distance before 

His Highness has a pedigree that suggests that it can go the distance,ignore all its last failures,it has been prepared meticulously well,has a grand switch in jockey support and thus stands a fair chance in this set 

Howeve the likes of Aquamarine (two mockraces coming into this race,too trainer) just cannot be ignored,has the most enticing bloodlines in this race 

Then there is the duo of Khaleefa and Aleta who both have one thing or the other going for them in this race 

Savage Beauty was outsmarted by Laurita last time around,it comes into this race with that race under its belt and hopefully from a sire that has stamina influence,can hope to go one better. 

This race is fascinating and the unknown (distance suitability factor) provides more suspense to this race than any other to this race card 

His Highness has been running way off the board in all its starts,hopefully the distance switch plus the preparation should help this otherwise purple-bred horse to change its fortunes here,my personal fancy 

My Choice:#1 His Highness Win 


There are a lot of well performed horses this season in the fray for this race,Hidden Asset after running behind the too-good Full Moon after posting two back to back wins is the top contender in this race 

Shania (Ex-Koalaa) is coming out of two races of good quality,now as the lone 3 yo with a switch in saddle support should attract attention naturally 

Presence who has a formidable jockey-trainer combination has a lot of positives too,cannot be ignored in this set 

Dyna has been running some game races and seemingly well prepared,another contender in this race 

However,in my opinion the horse that can possibly upset this race is the Antia ward Quest For Love,true this horse has only one win to show in its career and has climbed the rating charts by merely placing,look at its last two starts where it has run away from the field before giving it up,now with those reharsals and a jockey change to S.P.Ranjane this horse has it in it to upset here,a very good chance to place and can upset,thus my personal fancy 

My Choice:#3 Quest For Love Win/place 

RACE 6:A class I race over 1200 mts 

This race poses one simple question,has the handicapper caught up with Way Out..... There are two sides to this and I guess there are equal number of people in both the groups,the odds on offer 12/10 as per website is quite liberal if one goes by the form of this horse 

Have a look at Victorious March which is now stepping down from a terms race to a class I affair,certainly has the weight allowance and that extra bit of experience to give this field a beating,if only and a big IF the jockey rides a perfect race 

Talking about jockey factors,Mint Approach who won his last start quite well in the same class is tuned in again,jockey skills may come in handy 

But if at all there comes a threat to Way Out,it should be from Greek God whose last start effort was simply unbelievable,now in this set stands a good chance to repeat and thus my personal fancy 

My Choice:#5 Greek God Win 

RACE 7:A class II race over 1400 mts 

Another competitive race,competitive field 

Bombardier has put in two excellent gate practices and has that 'class' factor to be factored,yet the jockey on board and lay-off are dampeners 

Some horses with form this season are in the fray Pepe Senior and Providece being last start winners 

Honest Peasure is now entitled to carry low weights,his run behind Papakura early on in the season is some pointer thus cannot be ignored 

Having said all that,I'm rather blush that this race should throw a winner either from Fortune Hunter or Desert Wings 

My personal fancy is Desert Wings,this horse is a winner earlier this season,last run was against the too-good Sheer Class,now has that edge over the other horse too,thus my personal fancy 

My Choice:#3 Desert Wings Win 


1)Gascony 2500 win 
2)His Highness 1500 Win 
3)Quest For Love 1000 win 
4)Greek God 1000 win 
5)Desert Wings 2000 win 

Total Investment:8000 

Note:The Invetment plans are for the authors self Assesment only and is not a recommendation of any sort 

Have a nice day,gamble responsibly 

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