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Pune 25/5/14 Analysis and Selections

Hello Friends, 
                     The opening day was a mixed bag,I hope jockey Yash Narredu who had a fall in the fourth race of the day is doing well and good after what seemed like a nasty fall atop Greek God. He won't be riding tomorrow and wishing the jockey a speedy recovery 

RACE NO 1:A race for class V horses over 1000 mts 

Admiral Gray and Without Fear are the two youngsters in the fray in this class V affair,incidentally both run from the same yard. Although the latter is having some work to show upon and has weights in its favour,the former is the best of the two in my opinion 

Of the older horses there is so much fuss on Glorious opinion,yes it has got scope to do well but I will wait for this run 

The horses that appeal are Rising Angel who is busy on the trial tracks,Annabeth who has run forward races over longer distances and is now taking a jump to the shorter sprint after a good fourth last time out,what is the detterant for this horse ? The jockey is unknown and hasn't been working on the tracks. 

Its a tricky race to start the day with and I hope that the change in saddle support does the trick for Admiral Gray,which happens to be my personal fancy for this race 

My Choice:#1 Admiral Gray for win 

RACE NO 2:A race for class III horses over 1400 mts 

The winner should in most probability come from this quartet of Halle,Trance,Shy Girl and Quest for Love 

Trance may very well start as the public choice for this race,has won over 6f to clear its maidens and was repeatedly fancied during Mumbai winter where it failed to win,this set seems weak but again can this horse be trusted is the ? 

Halle also has the same kind of a record albeit the win was over 1400 mts,has reached class II without posting another win and is now running first time after demotion and has a claimer onboard,seen in the tracks and should run a good race 

Shygirl has posted two wins and both over 1200 mts,the running style is suggestive of doing good work over an extra furlong or so,seems to be doing good work in the tracks and has a top-notch jockey onboard,is the primary contender for this race in my opinion 

And then there is Quest For Love who is a course and distance winner,all its last three runs were decent,infact its last run against Adam (who is regarded to be too-good) catches the eye,the trainer as is his Modus hasn't given this horse any work in the trial tracks,but I have a feeling that this horse should run a mighty race come tomorrow and as I expect this horse to give decent place payout too will take an e/w chance 

My Choice:#9 Quest For Love win/place 

RACE NO 3:A class V race over 1000 mts 

There are 3 youngsters in the fray,unico Corazon,Lucky Charm and Light of Arabia,Lucky Charm looks like having the best credentials of the three,however they are facing some older horses who can overhaul them 

Both Caesarina and Cut Diamond ran in the same race during their last run,although the former got the better of the latter,the latter seems to be putting in a lot of work and who is going to ride is the ?,with the horse known to run with the pace the only deterant would be the outside draw,with a good jump and early position should settle the issue here and is my personal fancy for this race 

My Choice:#2 Cut Diamond for win 

RACE NO 4:A class IV (5yo+) race over 1400 mts 

Another competitive race,in my opinion in most probability the winner should be from this quartet of Queen,Zanthos,Samay Balwan and Brave Fighter

Of these four horses,Zanthos is still a maiden,has the best chance in this set clear that tag,however a couple of things should go in its favour,worth taking a chance if odds are lucrative 

Queen has the pull in weights thanks to the claimer doing duty,he won well on Rajsamman and this one is the prime contender for this race 

Samay Balwan is a course and distance winner,gets a switch in jockey,Brave Figher is a distance winner and also gets a massive switch in saddle support,the latter is my personal fancy as I feel it can pull this off as in one of its earlier run at Mumbai ran well over a 1200 mts race,now with a proper pilot aboard bound to run well here 

My Choice:#3 Brave Fighter for win 

RACE NO 5:A race for maiden 3 yo's over 1400 mts 

Pepito will be the rage in this race,has been bridesmaid quite often in its career,is working well in the tracks and is certainly the horse to be beaten in this race 

Both Athens and Spades are failed favourites in their last starts coming into this race,Athens has good exposure and with Dashrath in the saddle should run a game race however Spades will now be entitled for its second lifetime start improvement and should offer value over this trip as its last run was suggestive of doing well over extended distance 

And then there are a couple of horses in Indus Prince and Simply Divine who has the credentials to score an upset,the latter especially ran a very good third to The General in its last outing and cannot be ignored over here 

My personal fancy however is Spades as the trainer-jockey combination and reasonable good trackworks seem like winning the day,atleast to my eye 

My Choice:#4 Spades for win 

RACE NO 6:A class II race over 1000 mts 

On the outset it looks like a very competitive race,there are many horses who are in fine nick coming into this race,but then what would decide the winner is two factors,a 1000 mts specialist horse and better placed in the scales 

Thus this race should throw out a winner from either Brindaban or Intesar!!! When the two met last time around the former had the last laugh!!! Both of them are visible on the trial tracks and can the places be reversed now is the ? I hope so as so often what plays an important role in a sprint event is the draw,with Intesar having the better draw,low weights and possibly the better jockey of the two is my personal fancy for the race 

Invincible and Celcius have also done well the latter is running at feather-weights and is the danger to all,keep an eye 

My Choice:#12 Intesar for win 

RACE NO 7:A class III race over 1400 mts 

There are three very good youngsters in the fray and it is difficult to look beyond them in this race 

Merchant of Venice is a winner over 1200 on debut in a million,last run in the colts championship Gr.3 was a disaster,is working well has the pull in weights 

Royal Passion whose last win in a 3 yo only terms race was breathtaking,the horse it got the better off in Celtic Prince scored two amazing victories at BSM,on that line seems like the horse to be beaten in this race 

Zenofic was supposed to be ridden by Yash,now with the change being D.K.Ashish the scales would have shifted,has a single maiden win to its credit,her second behind Tiger Tops is suggestive of a good show here 

Its a closely matched race,anyone of the three can win,I however would say that Zenofic has the better chance to pull this off,with Royal Passion as its serious challenger 

My Choice:#8 Zenofic for win 

RACE NO 8:A class IV race over 1200 mts 

Seven Seas is the horse to be beaten here,barring its age it has all the positives coming into this race,will take a very good youngster to get the better off it. 

Open Offer will run as the public choice rightly so,has been working exceedingly good on the trial tracks and has placed in its last run 

Leontine is also visible in the trial tracks and is bound for second lifetime improvement 

Then there is MAJESTERIAN who has run behind the PBMM winner on debut,not active in the trial tracks yet cannot be ignored in this class IV affair,bound for second lifetime improvement this horse has an upsetting chance in this race 

My Choice:#5 MAJESTERIAN for win/place 

RACE NO 9:A race for class IV horses over 1200 mts 

There are many credible older horses here taking on two formidable youngsters in what seems like the most competitive race of the day 

Superlicious ofcourse is the best of the older lot,however am looking at the two youngsters Veni Vidi Vici and Great Expectations to throw a winner 

The latter especially is working extremely well,has a switch in saddle support and is the one they all have to try and beat here,I feel that this horse has an excellent chance to continue with his winning ways 

My Choice:#4 Great Expectation for win 

DAYS BEST:Intesar 

DOUBLE:Zenofic-Great Expectation 


Have a nice day,gamble responsibly 

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